Etikettarkiv: Mullineux Wines

TWWD: Terrific Wines Winemakers Day 2018.

Terrific Wines, perhaps not  the biggest wine importer in Sweden, but according to style and influence it certainly is not of small importance for keen wine-lovers. When the modern wines  get international both concerning choice of grapes and style, Terrific Wines chooses originality, faithfulness and loyalty to soil, origin and perhaps above all, purity. This is what characterized presentations and seminars over the day.

Most representative for the characteristics above is Clotilde Davenne, owner and first of all winemaker, on Des Temps Perdus in Prehu , in Chablis.It is a highly interesting and thought-provoking journey to be led through her production during a tasting. Purity, balance and harmony in the nose and on the palate is distinctive for her wines before fruity muscular strength with or perhaps without the modern art of disharmonious high contents of alcohol.We had an almost full range from her production: Crémant de Bourgogne, white and rosé, Saint Bris ( Sauvingon Blanc from the Chablis region!), Bourgogne Blanc grown a few steps outside the appellation border for Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1 er Cru  Montmains, Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2013 och 2014 and Bourgogne Rouge. This tasting lacked a most interesting blend of Pinot Noir and the local variety of Cesar in the small production of Irancy. You cannot get it all, sometimes.

To get it short: Bourgogne Blanc is among the most prize-worthy of quality wines you could lay hands on, and the Grand Crus from Les Clos are superb now but would change nicely and even improve in nuances with age. It is so easy to show fidelity to wines like these, Clotilde Davenne!

The seminars started with Lars Torstenson talking over rosé wines and the topic ” In rosé wines there is more than the colours.”

We took part in an exposé over choices of root varieties and fitting yeasts over maceration time. Most interesting.The AOP Tavel Les Lauzeraies always has been a good company to most spring and summer food, dry mouth-watering fresh, pretty good body and a food-friendly well balanced bitterness.

Bastien Papleux from the champagne-grower and -maker ( RM) Goutorbe- Bouillot in Damery  just outside Epernay introduced the tasters to a solera style of blend that he stated the family was first  to use in Champagne. On a careful comment that Anselme Selosse  was very early too, Bastien Papleux firmly stated that he came later!Perhaps that could be questioned, because on a visit to Selosse 1995, it was obvious that the solera system was running.

Anyhow, the long aging procedure, the solera period over 16 years, the long time sur lies and the careful work in the vine-yard made these bubblies very tasty and food-friendly. We had a good example on how small and ambitious growers and ” Recoltants-Manipulateurs” , can produce champagnes up to and over the quality from the established big houses and not the least important to a most attractive prize.

Champ de Craie, art. nr 73380 på VoS, 425 kr.

Cuvée Louise 2013 , 499 kr.

Andrea Mullineux from the South African winery in Swartland lead a seminar and presented some very ambitious products from mineralic soils where especially the Syrah variety from chist soils stood out.

Over all the day, a very ambitious and friendly atmosphere could amalgamate in  the most professional way.

TWWD is to be look forward to every year.