Interesting and mouthwatering tasting at the Terrific Wines in Stockholm 21.2.2018

Terrific Wines public Wine Club held one of their first tastings for non-professionals. The tasting was half-blind, as most of the interested participants well knew the portfolio of Terrific Wines.

Andreas Karlsson, CEO of the company, and Anna Sundin, Event and product Manager informed on activities and sparkling wines in common.

The four bubblies were :

1. Clotilde Davenne, Crémant de Bourgogne , Brut  Extra  (NV)

Colour: clear, brilliant, light greenish.

In the nose: green apples, lemon, mature pear. Well nuanced.

On the palate: very crisp attack, very dry, holds a creamy mousse.  A touch of toasted bread in the middle. Medium-long finish with food-friendly bitterness. Absolute clean and well-balanced style of Davenne character. What lacks in chalk for champagne lovers is well compensated for in absolute harmony. Love to think of suiting amuses bouches when keeping the after-taste. Zero dosage. < 3 g/l rs

90 p.  149 SEK. Art No . VoS: 7725


2. Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva 2012.

Colour: clear, light yellow, brilliant.

In the nose: yellow apples and plums, fine pâtisserie with brioche and newly toasted bread.

On the palate: very dry and crispy attack, fine creamy mousse in very small bubbles. More of autolytic nuances, fruit from straw-berries and pear. A hint of white chocolate and almond paste. Long well balanced bready finish. A very nice example o how long time aging on the yeast sediments could improve a sparkling wine. Probably at least 5 years sur lie. 9 g/l rs

91p. 219 SEK. Art no VoS: 71964.


3. Menger- Krug Méthode Rurale Brut Riesling, 2012.

Colour: Brilliant, clear, deep golden.

In the nose: powerful nuances of white flowers, honeysuckle, apples and pears. A hint of delicate yeasts.

On the palate: fresh, mouth-watering  and crispy acidity, soft and creamy mousse. Hints of straw-berries and very mature  rich apples and honey. Very long nuanced tasty finish. So rich in structure and taste that this wine demands a very rich food. Or, why not, on its own with just some salted walnuts and almonds. 6 g/l rs.

To me the most exciting and interesting new experience to day.


92 p. 299 SEK, art. no VoS : 77456.



4. Champagne Pointillart Leroy Brut 1 er Cru,             Descendance.

Colour : clear, yellow, brilliant.

In the nose : apples, chalk, fine bakery, newly baked baguettes.

On the palate: fresh and crispy acidity in the attack, soft and smooth mousse, apples, pears and strawberries. Balanced bitterness, chalky and with a hint of gun-powder. To me more of the aperitif champagne than the food type. Well, amuse bouches with bouchet ris de veaux  or caviar de lavaret de Tjust is not real food, is it?

A very personal and interesting premier cru from a small producer. A very nice champagne to a very reasonable price.

This wine will certainly improve with aging in the bottle. Hopefully the winemaker in the future would / could afford invest in even more time sur lie compared with what CIVC demands! At least with a part of the harvest. 9 g/ l rs.

90 p. 299 SEK art no VoS: 70318.

So the conclusion is : a variety in styles, personalities and prices but all very classy.



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