Single grape tasting of Pinot Meunier

Tasting of Cuvée de Reserve, cepage P. Meunier, from the 1. Cru village Trépail.
The reserve wines were from 2005-2010, the bottles picked up 2011 and the first intention was to compare the grape varieties of C, PN and PM a a young condition.
After ten years this comparison would not be meaningful in a wine education course!
PM showed nice mousse and developed yellow color. Fresh and charming attack, developed slightly oxidative aromas and a taste of exotic, not sweet fruit like for example carambole. In the middle was found white chocolate and brioche. The finish was unexpected long and aromatic. Tasting very well to walnuts and leaving a longing for matching this great wine with food. A very nice example of what could be done in Trépail, Sylvie Gerard Maizières